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Rules and Regulations

All owners, captains, mates and registered anglers are expected to be familiar with these rules. Any changes made by the Tournament Committee will be announced at the Captain’s Meeting on Sunday, June 27, 2021.

Registered anglers must be registered with the HMC staff and fees paid before they leave the dock on their first day of fishing. Registered anglers cannot be professional Captains or Mates, nor has worked for hire since June 28, 2019 with the exception of addenda #2 below.

This is a trolling tournament and all baits will be trolled. No spinning rods will be allowed. No rods are allowed to be fished from the bridge, however rods can be stored on the bridge while fishing.

1. The 2021 tournament will allow a one time “hook & pass” from a registered angler to another registered angler who can be a man, woman or child. A registered angler is defined as a person who has not been a paid professional in the last two years from June 28, 2019 and has properly registered and paid with the HMC tournament staff. Like in previous HMC tournaments, no paid professional will be allowed to touch a rod or assist an angler while attempting to hook and angle a fish. Once the fish has been hooked and the rod passed, no person can assist or touch the rod in any way. Any outside interference will cause disqualification for that fish. This rule is in effect for registered anglers.

No fish caught from a passed rod are eligible for individual Angler of the Year points. Those fish will count toward boat total points.

2. The second rule modification is strictly for active, professional Captains who are HMC members. This rule is a deviation and exception to the rule above. Any active, professional Captain, who is a member of the HMC and in good standing, will be allowed to participate as a registered angler and fish the tournament from the cockpit of a boat. The professional Captain cannot be on the bridge and must be in the cockpit the same as the other registered anglers. The rule of “no bridge rods” is still in effect with this rule modification.

3. We will have an additional category for boat 50 feet and under for total billfish points.

We will discuss the rules, points, scoring, etc. in greater detail at the Captain’s Meeting on Sunday, June 27.


As soon as possible after hooking a fish, the captain shall notify the club of the hookup and state the boat’s name. After releasing a fish, the captain shall notify the club, or the committee boat, of the release and identify the fish’s species. In the event the captain is unable to contact the club or the committee boat, he/she must confirm the release information with a nearby tournament boat. Daily score sheet turned in by 7:00pm. Anyone wishing to enter a protest must do so by reporting to the judging committee no later than 7:00pm that day. All protest must be in writing on the Daily Report Form. The tournament committee reserves the right make changes and/or exceptions to the above.


Anglers will fish their own boats or boat they select. The club does not arrange for charter boats, but will assist you in locating one. Anglers will fish as a unit on one boat for all three of the five days of the tournament. Standby boats are to be used only in case of breakdown. All boats shall depart and re-enter through Hatteras Inlet. All radio conversations are to be kept to an absolute minimum. VHF (channel to be announced) will be monitored during tournament week. Relay/committee boat(s): To be announced.


  • 125 Points will be awarded for all released billfish.
  • 400 Points will be awarded for a released blue marlin with a photo identification.
  • 125 Points will be awarded for a released swordfish, white marlin, spearfish, or sailfish.

Reporting of catch on an official score sheet is required and the score sheets must be signed. The boat reaching the highest point total first will be the winner.


Official score sheets must be turned in to the tournament committee in the club office immediately after docking for the catch to be officially entered in the tournament scoring. No fish will be counted until a signed score sheet is turned in the tournament committee in the Club Office.


Fishing hours are from 9:00am to 3:00pm daily If you are fighting a fish hooked during tournament hours you may continue to fight the fish as long as it is released by 6:00pm. No lines or teasers in water until 9:00am. All times listed are daylight savings time.


The tournament will include blue marlin, white marlin, spearfish, sailfish, and swordfish.
Line size: 130lb maximum
Bait: Anglers shall furnish their own bait. Live bait and live teasers are prohibited. Artificial teasers are permitted. Any deviations from these rules may be made only by the Tournament Committee.

Video Updates

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Closing Sat, July 3

8:00 - 10:00 AM Steak, Egg, Champagne & Strawberry Breakfast
Breakfast Buffet in the Temporary Club Dining Room
Served at our Temporary Restaurant Location at the Landing (Ferry Dock)
*Seating for 60 at a time so Arrive Early
** Tournament Treat **

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